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Yonex Mavis 350 alternatives

16/02/2022 Blog

I am  playing badminton from last 3 years and according to me yonex Mavis 350 is the best shuttlecock. The Reason for the same are:
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1. These are the best budget shuttles for those who love to really get the feel of original tournament shuttles at a budget.
2. At Rs. 700, they were really the best one could get, far more classier than 200i which was really cheap, but yes, they are indeed ‘cheap’.
3. 350 easily can last you about 10 games without breaking off if you play well and not into hardcore smashing. If luck be your way, you could easily get about 3 hours of games with just one shuttle and 5 hours if you don’t mind a little wear and tear. Since we play in a professional court, we make way for a new shuttle after 2 hours when there is more than a few tears and/or if the shuttle is losing it’s flight pattern.

More info:
For cold conditions use the red cap which is fast,
For medium temperature use the blue one,
For high temrature use the green cap one
And for more details search for google..
And its head is made up of high quality wood and so it is more durable than cheap plastic corks 

After the onslaught of COVID, the price has really shot-up, almost 30% more. Therefore the need of alternatives is there so that we can try different options. I tried 2-3 different shuttles 

  1. Yonex Mavis 2000
  2. Yonex Mavis 300
  3. Li Ning Bolt Gold


Out of these three alternatives, I like Yonex Mavis 300 as it is more durable ,There is one issue with this shuttlecock that it flight is bit longer and smashes landed outside the court. So one needs to slow down the speed of the shots played.